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The Young in Prison annual reports provide insight into the impact of our work. You can download and read them here.
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In 2015 YiP organised 2748 workshops for 2296 participants; 26 community events; 120 prison staff joined YiP’s human rights training; and 333 young people took part in our post-release mentoring programme.

The impact of YiP’s work is best described by the young people themselves:

“The YiP programme has improved my self-esteem. Initially I felt useless, a good-for-nothing drug addict with no potential. But after the life skills discussions we had at the end of every class, I have realised that I am somebody and I have potential like any other young person out there and I can achieve my dreams. My self-confidence is up now and I have also learnt how to talk to people as well as work in a team because doing acrobatics is all about teamwork.”

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