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YiP IN has been an international organisation from the start: it is an organisation of international collaboration and exchange.
Despite the different contexts, the challenges facing youth in conflict with the law are the same worldwide. So by working together, YiP believes as an international organisation we can build on each other's experiences. This means we provide each other with a fresh perspective, and stay focused. 

YiP is currently active in five different countries: Colombia, Kenya, Malawi, the Netherlands and South Africa. We work with five local organisations running local YiP programmes, because we believe that local knowledge is a key requirement for YiP to flourish. 

In Colombia we work with Ayara; in Kenya with Yaden; in Malawi with Music Crossroads; in the Netherlands with YiP the Netherlands; and in South Africa with YiP South Africa. For more details, click on the country names. 

In 2016 we ended our 3 year CIDTP program in Malawi and South Africa, which received most of the funding from the EU (DEVCO).  Our program was externally evaluated by Impact Consulting in 2016. Read here the full report: External evaluation Young in Prison CIDTP program Malawi South Africa_March2017.pdf

The Netherlands

Young in Prison the Netherlands
YiP has been working with young Dutch detainees since 2013, and prior to this worked in Malawi, Kenya, South Africa and Colombia. In 2013 YiP - with the help of Dutch experts - developed a new common methodology: Contributing Positivily to Society (COPOSO). Through this process it became clear Dutch prisons would also benefit from a similar approach. In the Netherlands YiP provides creative workshops for prisoners, and volunteers guide young offenders after their release. 

Our approach in the Netherlands
Create to liberate! YiP believes that creativity and sport help young offenders work towards a positive contribution to society after release.
YiP works with mentors who act as role models for young offenders. Through creative and sports programmes, they teach young people important life skills such as dealing with stress and collaboration. By supporting young people in prison through the pre-release programme, and after release through the post-release programme, YiP helps them with the transition from life inside prison to a new life outside. We do this with the community: volunteer mentors (who are trained and supervised by YiP) guide young offenders after release. They follow a programme that both helps the young offender with their personal growth, and also arrange practical matters such as employment and housing. 

The need for action
In punishment the government combines two goals: retribution to society and rehabilitation. This is not easy, the number of young people that re-offend in the Netherlands can be as high as 52%. Sports and creativity provides an excellent means of rehabilitation for young people, helping them with important life skills. Our workshops allows young offenders to build up a track record and they receive an MBO recognised degree. YiP is the only organisation in the Netherlands that supports young offenders both in prison and after release. 

Developments and ambitions
In the Netherlands, we provide workshops in 5 youth institutions, and we also support young people in several cities through our post-release programme. In the future we aim to futher develop our post-release programme by providing young offenders with even more training on how they can help make a positive change in their neighborhood. Secondly, YiP teaches young people how they can contribute to the process of policy development in the juvenile criminal justice system. This year seven former juvenile detainees presented an alternative model of punishment to 80 policy makers.

Jaap van der Spek - Programme Leader YiP NL (
Rivelino Rigters - Post-release Coordinator (
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