New adventure in Tunisia

14 juni 2019
Lamyn and I embarked on a new and exciting adventure this week: presenting our COPOSO method to organisations in Tunisia. Search for Common Grounds - Tunisia (SFCG) invited us to share our experience reintegrating young people deprived of their liberty. We designed a dense and diverse 1 day program and immersed 18 people from 9 local NGO’s in our approach and Theory of Change. The participants were eager and passionate about learning about our work and we had lively discussions. Also the exercises illustrating our methodology components such as Relatedness and Imagination were very helpful and on point. The 9 NGO’s such as WeYouth, Tunisia Plus,  OTCD, and Insaf el Kef,  are part of a coalition coordinated by SFCG that supports the reintegration of  young people in contact with the law and prone to radicalisation. 

COPOSO trainer Lamyn Belgaroui: “providing the training made a special impression on me because of my Tunisian background. I am passionate about being of value to young people deprived of their liberty in Tunisia.  And in so doing to contribute to increasing the motivation of the youth. So they can positively contribute to their own country and be proud citizens. There is much work to develop the country. However the drive and power I have seen among young people gives hope for the future”.   

On Tuesday we attended a conference supported by the Dutch embassy that gathered policymakers and senior governmental stakeholders from the prison department among others to share lessons and set common goals. What struck us was the sincere and passionate presentations that were given by Judge Samia Doula, Head of the prison department Ferid Bouraoui and psychologist Sami Kallel among others.

All signs show that our approach is a valuable addition to existing projects and is able to connect to the needs that we detected. We look forward to continue our fruitful conversation with Ouni Bouraoui, head of SFCG and have a lasting impact in Tunisia.

Raoul Nolen

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