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Create to liberate young people in contact with the law
YiP is an international NGO that enables children and young people in contact with the law to contribute positively to society through creative and sports development programmes, in prison and after release. YiP runs advocacy initiatives for and with young people in conflict with the law. 

Young in Prison envisions a world in which children and young people in contact with the law get a fair chance to realise their potential to positively contribute to society.

YiP believes that creativity liberates the potential of every child in contact with the law to contribute positively to society. Since 2002 YiP has been working with young prisoners, leading to the development of the COPOSO method: Contributing Positively to Society. COPOSO is based on the values of positivity, creativity, equality, inspiration, transparancy and honesty. YiP believes in working on a personal level with young people and providing high energy workshops.

The impact of YiP’s work is best described by the young people it helps:

“… it is like an escape from the tunnel, or rather the cage which I’m in. I feel calm because it is not therapy, but finding oneself.”

“Since working with YiP, hope has grown in my heart.”

“These workshops help me to recognise my skills, and I’ve learned that if you really want to, you can achieve something beautiful.”

“[The day of the end presentations in prison] was an important day for me because I was singing for my mother and she was very happy to see a change in me. Young in Prison gave us some time to speak to our parents so I asked my mother to forgive me for what I had done and she did.”

“This [a chain to symbolise how connected he felt to others] is the symbol of WE, when we were there working together. I enjoyed it so much, I couldn’t stop smiling. It was so nice.”

“It is not a non-profit organisation, it is home.”

“The moment they gave me my certificate, I had such a big smile on my face. When I get out of prison the certificate will remind me of my achievement, and the people who saw me getting my certificate.”

“I discovered that I am good at expressing my emotions through graffiti, as I’m not good with words. Thank you for always being there and helping me build new ideas for my life.”

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