After a successful and creative 2017, YiP NL will embark on an ambitious new year!

22 December 2017
In addition to creative workshops within the prison walls, Young in Prison in the Netherlands also organises workshops outside the youth prisons. A special project was the Volunteer Day for the Judicial Institutions Service (DJI). Ten Young in Prison teachers gave a workshop as they normally do within the institutions for volunteers of YiP and colleagues from all over the country. This gave the 150 or so volunteers an insight into our way of working. During the day mentor stories have been collected that are bundled in a beautiful multimedia (Scrolly) production:

In addition, together with ex-detained youth from our Youthlab, YiP took care of the team building day of two of our funds: the VSB Fund and Fund21. Our Youthlab participants were proud to act as ambassadors on behalf of Young in Prison Netherlands.

In 2018, YiP will focus on strengthening cooperation between YiP NL and the schools of the institutions: even weeks before YiP arrives, the youth will prepare the workshops together with their teachers. Secondly, this year YiP NL is investing in a more existential deepening of our programmes: we are busy developing' kick-off' performances in which important themes - such as future, daring to be yourself, etc. - are laid down in a penetrating way for young people. The kick-off performances are for example a theatre monologue, a short film, an exhibition, and a music or dance performance. YiP develops these workshops in collaboration with the youth themselves, especially the youngsters on the long-stay groups of JJI Teylingereind.

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