Behind-the-scenes: Youthlab & VOM

10 October 2020
What should youth detention in the future look like? Vrijheidsbeneming op Maat (VOM), a special group of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, addresses this important question. Youthlab took over their online meeting for one day, to help the core team relate better with the lives of youth . Due to the corona-related restrictions, the meeting took place online. YiP’s office turned into a true studio, with several break-out rooms. We are so proud that the experienced youths of the Youthlab had the courage to share their stories in such a short time.

In the break-out rooms, the core team members interviewed the youths about three theme’s: what their experiences were when they entered the correctional facilities, how they experienced the living and learning environment inside, and what it was like to be released again. In an open conversation, the professionals asked the young people: what did you think when you first walked into the detention center? What were your first impressions? What has helped you the most inside? And what are the biggest challenges now that you’re back in society?

We prefer to have an open conversation in real life, but nevertheless, we are grateful for the online possibilities to facilitate a meeting like this. 

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