Continuing operations in Kenya and new activities in Afghanistan

21 December 2016
We were unable to secure funding for the YiP program in Kenya in 2016. Nevertheless, the local partner Yaden continues with delivering the program in some youth prisons. Workshop teachers continued their creative workshops on a voluntary basis which was welcomed very much by the participants.

Youth prisons showed great interest in the experience of Yaden in dealing with radicalising youth. Yaden has been invited several times for expert meetings to give advice on the treatment of young people within a closed environment. Because of this interest, YADEN could maintain warm contacts with the institutions pending funding for the YiP program.

In August we were invited to Mazar-I-Sharif  in Afghanistan by GIZ and local NGO Aschiana, where Raoul and Kiran gave COPOSO training for a group of professionals who work with young people in conflict with the law. The training was well received and they are interested in working together in 2017.

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