COPOSO workshop in Kosovo & Albania

15 March 2022
After a long period of not being able to travel due to Covid-19 restrictions, in early March we visited our project partners in Albania and Kosovo again. YiP director Esther and project coordinator Barbara met with Caritas Kosovo and Caritas Albania, as well as with the management of the local juvenile centers; Lipjan in Kosovo and Kavaja in Albania.

In Kosovo, Caritas is working hard to obtain the formal approval for the development and use of an online platform for Albanian youngsters deprived of their liberty, inspired by our YiPstream website. The online platform will be accessible to youth deprived of their liberty in both Albania and Kosovo, and will contain video tutorials and challenges produced by the local workshop teachers, as well as information about the period after release and other relevant information for the youth.

Caritas Albania recently started again giving creative arts and sport workshops to the youth in Kavaja, after almost two years of not accessing the institution. During the work visit, YiP joined a celebration of Albania’s National Holiday ‘the Summer Day’ inside Kavaja, together with the youth and the Caritas workshop teachers. For this celebration, the youngsters had made traditional red and white braided bracelets for each other, for the Caritas and Kavaja staff, as well as for the visitors from the Netherlands.

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