First 10 participants successfully completed their training at the YiPmade Academy in Malawi

21 December 2016
Hundreds of young people from Mbyanzi, Mzuzu and Kachere prison took part in COPOSO activities this year. Many young people were also supported after release and we had two successful roundtables with MPs,. Resulting in the provision of more food to youth prisons. In July, the CIDTP program officially came to an end, something that we’ve worked very hard on over the past 2 and a half years, improving the rights of children in conflict with the law. 

In January 2016 the YiPmade Academy was officially opened. Joep van Lieshout visited Malawi, together with Noa and Esther, to be present at the opening. Since then, 10 participants of the YiPmade Academy have completed their training successfully, which included producing 250 Freedom Lamps. All participants received a tool kit so  they can self-start. 

Currently, our partners in Malawi are busy  preparing for next year. Our aim is for the YiPmade Academy to expand considerably with more influx and a larger work place.

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