Inspirerende poetry in Zuid-Afrika!

17 June 2014
My Dream
I had a bright dream
It was light to fulfil, my dream was to succeed
Throughout the night, my dream was to drive a flight  
These years I’ve been wondering:
What happened to my dream?
Years were running, I joined a team
Which turned to gangsterism?
I thought they were not
We’ve done wrong
I blame no one but myself
Today my dream turned to drive:
prison years, instead of a flight.
It will be never too late!
The time is now to undo the wrong
About my life, I can write a song
And can never sang by the?
I bought storm to my life, I thought I will have my own life
But the tunnel was too long to see the light
All I need to do is to flight
Flight for my right not to be introvert
And speak out.    

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