#Ithechange Forum &Festival

22 March 2018
Thank you YADEN East Africa for the powerful #Ithechange Forum & Festival you organized yesterday in Nairobi. It was an amazing and energetic mix of talks, performances, video and presentations. Highlights for me:

The life changing stories of youth that have turned away from crime through the program. Very courageous for them to share their personal story during the festival in front of more than 150 people in a region where stigma on these young people is still very high. Their stories are also very well captured by Sasaa media. Click here

The dance performance from Kisumu was spot on. Tuff-looking youth from Kisumu slums expressing their life in conflict with the law in a universal and clear way using contemporary dance. It took me by great surprise. Hope that this dance piece can be seen by many more people. Click here 

The various stakeholders from Uganda, Kenia and Tanzania from the prison service, the police and other CSO’s who openly engaged with the youth and also expressed their willingness to commit to the work we do.

The Forum was the final activity of the VOICE program focusing on learning and engaging Youth in Conflict with the Law. YADEN has reached out to so many young people who are in need and who are now part of youth support groups. I very much hope that their program can continue as soon as possible so that we can put all the learned lessons in practice. And reach many more deprived youth who are still out there.

Raoul Nolen

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