LOBBY - Podcast #2

13 November 2021
"I was released and I smelled grass for the first time. The trees and cars went by so fast that I got a headache."

From this week on you can listen to part 2 of the LOBBY podcast. Malcolm and Mo of the Youthlab talk about how they experienced the transition from inside the walls to outside. How did the transition go? What challenges did they face? But most importantly, what was it like to experience it all?“ The transition to life outside the walls was just as hard as the other way around” says Malcolm.

The LOBBY listens, takes young people seriously, and wants them to feel at home. Their experiences and insights are at the very heart of this podcast series. These are the first steps towards what the LOBBY will eventually become. Because guys like Malcolm and Mo knows what it takes to go from inside the walls to outside.

LOBBY is welcomed at various aid organizations in Rotterdam. For this podcast production, it was De Rotterdamse Douwers that opened its doors to us. 

Would you like to follow this ongoing research? Or do you know someone with a lot of knowledge about this subject? Please contact hannah[@]

LOBBY is an initiative of Exodus, Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken en Young in Prison. Supported by ZonMW and Stichting Zwerfjongeren Nederland.

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