Mailing #3, 2018

6 November 2018
Dear friend of Young in Prison,

I am happy to share an official announcement with you first. My colleague Jaap van der Spek will join the management team of Young in Prison. Together we will lead and unite our strengths to serve the mission and growth of Young in Prison. Jaap is still focused on the programme in the Netherlands and I will lead on the international work.

Since the start of this year, colleagues worked to improve and apply our COPOSO methodology. This weekend the first COPOSO training ‘2.0’ took place in Morocco. Colleagues Lamyn and Barbara successfully trained new  teachers in Casablanca.

Image titleYiP workshop facilitators during the autumn break 

Our creative workshop teachers in the Netherlands have been busy too. The past summer and autumn breaks they were fully devoted to deliver drama, songwriting, graffiti and kickboxing workshops in two juvenile justice centers. I had the pleasure to join workshops of Tara (theatre) and Rivelino (rap) and experience the creative energy of teachers and youth working together.

To celebrate and support 200 YiPMade alumni in Malawi, there is a special discount of 200 euros to obtain a Freedom Lamp of Joep van Lieshout. Young in Prison gained new international experience in Albania, Kosovo and in Morocco where we joined a film festival in a youth prison.

Finally I took part in an inspirational training of James Fox of the Prison Yoga Project. His experiences are mainly based on teaching adults, but the trauma sensitive yoga approach could also add value to the work of Young in Prison. To be continued!

Happy reading,

Raoul Nolen 

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