Mailing #4 - Year-end Letter

31 December 2018
Dear friend of Young in Prison,

The team of Young in Prison wishes you a wonderful 2019!

2018 was a special year for Young in Prison: our facilitators organised more than 1400 hours of creative workshops in the Netherlands - our record! The Youthlab (in which young experience experts train justice professionals) grew with new and structural assignments and over 30 youth got matched with voluntary mentors right after their release, gearing up together for new beginnings. We also had the chance to start up new collaborations with partners in Morocco, Albania and Macedonia.

A selection of updates of the last weeks of 2018: the first YiPInspire in the Hartelborgt / Youthlab on stage in Brussels / and the graffiti squad of YiPPaint is here!

We are excited to start 2019 and continue collaborations in Morocco and the Balkan, a new edition of the YiP Art photo auction and further grow and professionalise our programmes in the Netherlands.

PS: Until 6 January 2019 you can obtain the Freedom Lamp with a special discount.

Best wishes,

Raoul Nolen, Director YiP International
Jaap van der Spek, Director YiP the Netherlands  

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