MINI-DOCU: Released during lockdown

4 June 2021
YiP met Jason (21) during creative and athletic workshops in a Juvenile Detention Center. He was unlucky enough to be released during a pandemic after having served 4 years. 

"I would have liked to do more fun things, for example going to festivals. I really wanted to celebrate the first year of being free.

But it at the same time is has also given me a peace of mind, because if the world stayed on the same gear as it normally is, I think it could be quite difficult to keep up." 

In a mini-documentary (only in Dutch), Jason talks about how the past year was for him and how, despite the lockdown, he was able to keep busy: as an experience expert for the Youthlab, Jason conducted (online) training sessions for lawyers, judges and officers. He also made plans for the future and recently enrolled in a theater course.

"With acting, you can do anything you want. You can play a firefighter for a while. This way you can know how it is to be one, sort of."

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