Research on the impact of Youthlab and probation officers

7 July 2020
How can probation officers learn from young experience experts? To answer this question, the Youthlab will collaborate with Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Institute for Research into Lifestyles & Addiction (IVO) and the Probation Officer Academy.

With storytelling, audio diaries and surveys, researchers will explore which communicative and empathic skills the probation officers learn during training by the young people of Youthlab. They will also investigate how professionals experience this transfer and what they use in their daily practice as a probation worker.

The treatment skills of professionals are essential in establishing a strong relationship with young people in detention. Training aimed at increasing empathy and communication can lead to a better working relationship, more motivation for behavioral change in young people and less recidivism.

The project will start in October this year and the results will be processed into a podcast, scientific article and fact sheet. 

Want to know more about the project? Read about the programme on the website of NWO here or the (Dutch) press release of the University Erasmus Rotterdam here.

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