Training session by spoken word artist Ivan Words

21 May 2021
YiP's Youthlab is for young experience experts. A programme that allows young people to use their experience to train and advise justice professionals - for which they also receive training themselves. The training courses are about topics that young people want to develop themselves in: budget coaching, entrepreneurship or songwriting, for example.

As part of this skills and self-development programme, YiP organizes four training sessions a year by a (external) role model.

Today Rotterdam word artist Ivan Words was invited to give a training. In addition to being a spoken word artist, he is an author, actor, performer and dramatist. He provided a training to five young people from the Youthlab with the main theme 'How can you take your passion seriously?'. Apart from the fact that you have to earn your living with it - how can you really put energy into your passion so that you can ultimately derive pleasure and satisfaction from it?

Ivan started the training by telling his life story: about the setbacks he experienced, the great learning moments in his life and how he managed to break negative, old patterns. For example, he told them that, due to a burn-out, he used to sit at home and smoke all day. The latter was a recognizable pattern for the boys who were present. Ivan told them that he could eventually break this pattern because of small moments of success that sent his life back into an upward spiral.

For the last part of the training, Ivan got the boys started on writing assignments. In addition to a free exercise in creative writing and writing down three skills on paper, they each made a spoken word with the opening sentence 'if I had tons of money'.

'If I had tons of money'
My account would be blessed
But my memories the same
Still have the scars on my chest
Maybe I'll bless my mom
With a crib far away
But will it make up for all those times
When we had to run with stress?
Probably everyone has an opinion then
So for now I prefer to focus on facts

- Written by a Youthlab participant

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