YiPmade Academy is expanding and reaching out to more youth

22 December 2017
Over the past year, Music Crossroads Malawi (MCM), our partner organization in Malawi, has taken the Yipmade academy to the next level. Thanks to the financial support of the EU and Gered Gereedschap, MCM was able to reform the academy into the 'Yipmade Vocational Skills Center in Lilongwe'. Here they support young (ex) offenders and people with albinism in their (personal and professional) development. They do this by offering them skills-training and by providing guidance in their search for professional opportunities that will increase their self-reliance and independence.

The contributions of Gered Gereedschap to the YiPmade Academy were very special. They donated two shipping containers converted into a mobile workshop and shipped to Malawi. That workshop is now part of the Yipmade Academy, where every two years an average of 48 young people go through the intensive training program. They learn, among other things, welding techniques, tailoring skills, and the focus is on art, music and entrepreneurial skills. During the program, young people also receive psychosocial support. All this with the aim that they can return to their communities with self-confidence and a positive view on the future.

For the next three years, MCM has the ambition to allow 540 (ex) detainees and people with albinism to benefit from this program and to continue the training program at the Yipmade Academy.

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