Youthlab goes international!

26 September 2021
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YiP travelled to France to shoot a film for an international Youthlab campaign, with the aim to inspire professionals and organisations in Europe to train formerly detained youth as advisors to the juvenile justice system. After 6 years of experience, Youthlab now shares the developed method (and lessons learned) internationally.

Youthlab participants Mo, Denzel and Jason met with young people from Belgium and Italy, and exchanged their experiences with professionals in the juvenile justice system. Inspired by spoken word artist and YiP facilitator Elten Kiene, the youths have written and shared texts with their personal reflections.

It was initially quite exciting: how do we communicate if we don't speak each other's language? What do we have in common, and what are our differences? It turned out both were true, there was diversity and common ground.

In the words of a French-speaking young person: “It's special to experience so much connection with people from other countries in a short time. It touches me how much I recognize in their stories.”

For example, there was a discussion about the experience of powerlessness when your fate is decided in court. The moment when your voice is not heard, and when professionals make decisions without hearing you out.

Mo, an experience expert of Youthlab: “I am really happy to see that so many countries are advocating for the perspective of young people. Together as a team we can make a difference. Really cool to meet like-minded people on the same mission.”

We are looking forward to the release of the film during the Final Conference of the EU Youthlab project - to be continued!

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