Our work

YiP International
We work on three levels: working towards sustainable change within the justice system; with young people in conflict with the law and their community; and the government.
Young people 
YiP believes that the best way to motivate young people and increase their self-esteem is through creative, sports and practical prgrammes. This apporach is combined with the guidance of our mentors who help reintergrate young people into society. 

For reintegration to work, the community must accept young offenders after release and acknowledge their potential. The confidence of the  community is key to ensure sustainable change, and so we make sure to celebrate out success stories. We literally give young prisoners a stage to show the results of our programmes, and boost confidence within the community. 
YiP also works with local partners and companies to devlop internships and create work opportunities for young prisoners after release.

YiP seeks to change the make up of the justice system, by championing the positive results of young people in prison and by lobbying for structural change. YiP advocates that young people should have a say in the policies that concern them, and provides young people with a platform to engage in this conversation - through meetings with prison directors and previously with the UN.

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