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Informatie veilingstukken YiPArt 2019
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VPRO Radio: Nooit Meer Slapen over Kadir van Lohuizen in Kenia
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Stichting Young in Prison veilt grootste portretfoto Máxima ooit
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Parool bijlage Young in Prison 30 september 2017
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Kadir van Lohuizen VPRO gids #40 2017
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Dit Is De Dag - Youth imprisonment too often useless
Youthlab participant Malcolm and Jaap van der Spek (YiP the Netherlands) spoke on radio show Dit Was De Dag about recommendations for youth detention. Read more
Pauw - Youthlab Stefan & Stephanie
A group of seven young ex-offenders have a plan with recommendations for state secretary Klaas Dijkhoff. Read more
Trouw - Malcolms life stood still in jail
A beautiful article with personal story of YiP Youthlab member Malcolm in Dutch newspaper Trouw: "Youth often don't trust prison personel. It is dangerous to make yourself vulnerable in prison." Download pdf
NRC - Jail is better without drugs
Youth dentention can be improved, according to Dutch young ex-offenders of the Youthlab facilitated by Young in Prison. Without alcohol, drugs and close to family. (Dutch article) Read more
Museum tijdschrift - High proceeds auction Young in Prison foundation
The 7th YiPArt photo auction took place in Christie's Amsterdam on Sunday October 18th 2015. More than 80 photographs, donated by photographers and a few collectors found a new owner. In total, the auction proceeds were €99,522. Read more
E-motive - Collaboration for reducing youth recidivism
The Innovate2Empower platform is a great way of bringing people together and learning from each other. When you talk to people from other countries you realize that many of the problems you face are the same. Read more
Laurinburg - Scotland initiative goes global
At the Innovate2Empower conference organised by Young in Prison Noran Sanford from Wagram USA felt the power of an international community of innovators working on solutions for youth in conflict with the law. Read more
PF Magazine - YiPArt photo auction October 18th
Reknown photographers and young talent donate their work to YiPArt: the biggest photo auction of the Netherlands. (Dutch article) Read more
Vice - A jam packed prison in Malawi
In Malawi, in a prison meant for 50 people, now stay 450 prisoners, of which 60 youth. Young in Prison ambassador Kadir van Lohuizen taught photography in this prison. (In Dutch). Read more
De Groene Amsterdammer - Converting Convicts
Youth gangs are rampant in South Africa. Drugs, guns, testosterone and poverty form a lethal cocktail. The prisons are overcrowded, gangs call the shots. Young in Prison is trying to break this negative spiral. (Dutch article) Download pdf
RTL Late Night - Noa Lodeizen and Kadir van Lohuizen
Noa Lodeizen and Kadir van Lohuizen on their collaboration and the work of Young in Prison. Read more
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