YiPArt Photo Auction 2019
10 -13 October
Sunday 13 October 2019 Young in Prison organizes the 9th edition of the YiPArt Photo Auction in Amsterdam. In the coming weeks we will keep you informed of the latest news about the auction, participating photographers and the donated artworks.
The largest photo auction for charity in the Netherlands returns: on the 13th of October 2019, over 80 artworks of both renowned photographers and upcoming talent will be on auction by Christie’s auctioneer Arno Verkade in CIRCL in Amsterdam. All proceeds go to the creative and sporting programs of Young in Prison (YiP) worldwide.

Download here the digital auction catalogue or vieuw all 82 artworks on here on our website. If you'd like to receive a free hard-copy please email to: 

Wednesday 9 October 17:00 - 19:00 (invite only)

Viewing days:
Thursday 10 & Friday 11 October, 09:00 - 21:00 (free entrance)
Saturday 12 October, 10:00 - 17:00 (free entrance)

Sunday 13 October, 16:00 - 19:00
Doors open: 15:00

CIRCL, an initiative of ABN AMRO
Gustav Mahlerplein 1B, 1082 MS Amsterdam

YiPArt Photo Auction 2019
The YiPArt Photo Auction is this year ready for its 9th edition.  It is a unique opportunity for art lovers to purchase an artwork from renowned top photographers as well as from upcoming talents. At the same time, the auction offers the opportunity to contribute to the positive reintegration of ex-detained youngsters worldwide.

Stacii Samidin
According to  tradition one photographer will have a special role in the program of YiPArt. This year it’s the young Dutch photographer Stacii Samidin, well known for his renowned series Societies and Document Netherlands 2018 for the Rijksmuseum. Prior to the auction, Samidin provided a photo workshop for YiP in a juvenile justice  center in the Netherlands. The workshop resulted in a photo serie  that will be exhibited during the viewing days of the auction. Stacii: “When I’m there, I feel how important it is to bring the outside world inside. By being creative you can think: ‘“How could my life look like in the future?”’

How to place a bid?
We invite you to visit the auction at CIRCL on Sunday 13 October. The doors are open at 15:00, the auction starts at 16:00. If you are not able to attend the auction in person, it's also possible to leave a written bid or a phone bid prior the auction.

Click here for more information about the auction instructions and download here the absentee bid form to place a written bid. 

We are grateful for all participating photographers and donors:
Alex ten Napel, Alla Esipovich (donation Botland collection), Anais Lopez, Annaleen Louwes, Anne Geene, Annette Behrens & Carina Hesper, Bas Losekoot, Bart Nieuwenhuijs, C. Barton van Flymen, Casper Faassen, Collectie Spaarnestad photo / Inez van 't Hoff, Cuny Janssen, Diana Blok, Eddy Posthuma de Boer, Eli Dijkers, Emilie Houben, Ernst Coppejans, Florian van Roekel, Franciscus & Franciscus, Frank van Driel, Freudenthal / Verhagen, Gioia de Bruijn, Hans Aarsman, Hans van der Meer, Hans Wilschut, Hendrik Kerstens, Ingrid Baars, Jan Dirk van der Burg, Jan Koster, Jan Willem Kaldenbach, Jasper Abels, Jasper de Beijer, Jeroen Hofman, Otani Nieuwenhuize, Juul Kraiijer, Kadir van Lohuizen, Kees Scherer, Koen Hauser, Koos Breukel, Krijn van Noordwijk, Levi van Veluw, Lukas Göbel, Luuk Huiskes, Marleen Sleeuwits, Marte Visser, Marwan Bassiouni, Maurice Heesen, Michiel van Nieuwkerk, Milette Raats, Mimi Berlin, Mirjam de Zeeuw, Mischa Keijser, Misha de Ridder, Patricia Steur, Phyllis Galembo, Pim Westerweel, Risk Hazekamp, Rob Hornstra, Ruben Terlou, Sacha de Boer, Sanja Marusic, Saskia Boelsums, Saskia Wesseling, Sebastiaan Westerweel, Sem Presser, Stacii Samidin, Stichting Heden, Suzanne Jongmans, Taco Anema, Tessa Posthuma de Boer, Timeview: Aad Windig, Ton Kinsbergen, Vincent Mentzel, Wendelien Daan, Willem van Zoetendaal, Wouter Berger en Wouter Stelwagen.

Besides  the donations from photographers, YiPArt 2019 could not exist without the fantastic support and effort of our sponsors who make the auction possible: Afterpress & Printing Groep bv, Bootsma Technologies, Cartoni Design, Centercom, CIRCL, Christie's, Classicus, Drukkerij RaddraaierSSP, Eyes on Media, Frame Products, Het Beeldgebouw, Mertens Frames, Nice2Know, The Final Art Print, The School of Life, Smel *creative agency and Wilcovak

CIRCL is very easy to reach by public transport. It’s a few minutes’ walk from Amsterdam Zuid railway station. Amsterdam Zuid station is also served by metro lines 51 and 50 and tram no. 5. Bus 62 also stops nearby (Hogewerf stop).

If you do decide to come by car, the address for visitors is Gustav Mahlerplein 1B, 1082 MS Amsterdam. You can park in Q-Park Mahler (Aaron Coplandstraat 8 1082 MG  Amsterdam), in Q-Park Symphony (Leo Smitstraat 4 1082 MP  Amsterdam) or in the neighborhood for example at De Boelelaan.  


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