Name: Jacob
Age: 23.

How many years in prison: Spent 6 months.

Sentenced for: Stealing a goat.

How many earlier sentences: This was my first time to be arrested.

What did you miss the most in prison: I missed eating variety of foods. We always had same meals. I also missed eating at least three times a day since we only ate once a day.

Reason for joining YiPmade: I needed to learn at least a skills which would assist me in establishing my future business.

Talent: Growing farm vegetables and carpentry.

Dream in 5 years: From the skills that I am learning here, my dream is to reach out to other youth in my community to teach them the welding skills and also establish a welding company where I will be making and selling different materials.

Main learning points at YiPmade Academy: I have learnt to always have positive attitude towards what I am doing, to cooperate and develop good relationships with people around me. I have also learnt the welding skills.
At YiPmade, I learned to develop good relationships with people around me.

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