Name: Mark
Age: 20.

How many years in prison: 3 years 6 months.

Sentenced for: Burglary and robbery.

How many earlier sentences: This was my first time to be arrested.

What did you miss the most in prison: Freedom over everything in my life, I could not make decisions of my own.

Reason for joining YiPmade: I wanted to learn a new skill for my survival after being in prison for some time.

Talent: Drawing, dramatist and enjoy story telling.

Dream in 5 years: I dream of establishing my own welding and fabrication company, where apart from employing some youth to work with me. I will also be teaching others to acquire a skill in welding as my contribution to my society.

Main learning points at YiPmade Academy: I have learned that I need to believe in myself, be able to have a vision and work hard towards achieving my goals and always be able to understand what I am doing today for the betterment of my tomorrow.
I learned to ask myself: what I am doing today for the betterment of my tomorrow?

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