Name: Michael
Age: 23.

How many years in prison: 3 years.

Sentenced for: Breaking and entering a house.

How many earlier sentences: This was my first arrest.

What did you miss the most in prison: I missed having enough food for daily consumption, I missed my freedom as a human being and also I missed having the opportunities to learn and acquire different skills.

Reason for joining YiPmade: I wanted to learn welding skills.

Talent: Singing, composing songs and dancing.

Dream in 5 years: I dream that one day I will open a big welding shop where I will be making and selling a lot of materials to different communities and companies, locally and internationally.

Main learning points at YiPmade Academy: I have learnt how to establish and sustain a business, marketing my products, how to manage and resolve conflicts and living positively with friends.
My talents are singing, composing songs and dancing.

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