Name: Sylvester
Age: 24.

How many years in prison: 6 years.

Sentenced for: Stealing.

How many earlier sentences: I had not been arrested before.

What did you miss the most in prison: Missed eating variety of food and in sufficient quantity. The food was always little and not enough. I also missed company of my family members.

Reason for joining YiPmade: I joined YiPmade to learn welding skills.

Talent: Singing, composing songs and playing guitar.

Dream in 5 years: My dream is to establish and become a successful businessman in welding and fabrication. Through this business I wish to reach out to some underprivileged youth in my community to acquire some welding skills and even help others go to school using some of the profits that will be realised from my welding business.

Main learning points at YiPmade Academy: Through YiPmade I have learnt to believe in myself, that I have the capabilities to do well as long as I keep on focusing on my dreams and working towards achieving my goals.
Through YiPmade I have learnt to believe in myself.

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