Name: Thomas
Age: 22.

How many years in prison: 3 years, 3 months and 15 days.

Sentenced for: Breach of peace and unlawful wounding, though there was enough proof I was innocent.

How many earlier sentences: It was my first time.

What did you miss the most in prison: I missed my family and friends, missed freedom of dressing the way I wished (I was always wearing prison uniform). I also missed eating food of my choice.

Reason for joining YiPmade: I realised that through this programme I was going to learn what I had always wanted to do which was welding. I joined YiPmade to learn and acquire welding skills to aid me with my future survival skills.

Talent: Am good at making friendship and meeting people.

Dream in 5 years: My dream is to grow into a big self-reliant businessman in the welding industry. I also dream of opening my own welding shop where I will be making different types of welding materials good for even international markets.

Main learning points at YiPmade Academy: I have learnt to live in harmony with all people that are around me. I have learnt about how to start a business, how to sustain it, understand which customers I need to target and where and how to market my products. In addition, I have learnt to be obedient and always be willing to learn from other people.
My dream is to grow into a big self-reliant businessman.

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